You’ve really gotta hand it to short people 



because they usually can’t reach it anyways.

*kicks the next tall person I see in the shin*

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"I ended up throwing the computer out the window."


"…It was strangely satisfying."

"I’m sorry I missed it. How high was the window? How many pieces did it break into? Did you burn it afterwards?"

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"We should switch roles - have one day in the week at which people look to you first, so I get some of that refreshing, too. Not fair that I never get to be the one presumed to be innocent, don’t you think?”

The engineer smirks, pointing at Seraphina with a screwdriver. “You did tell me that and you were totally right. I was simply willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, or something. And driving is absolutely not the same thing as flying, take it from the expert. Why can’t you ride a bike? You should learn. I’ll even go easy on the horsepower at first, yeah?”

"Oh no, not fair at all, sir, I mean it’s not like you’re the cause of the fire alarms going off 99% of the time now is it? How unjust it is that you should always get the blame!” 

Sephy smirked right back at him. “Driving, piloting, riding, whatever. They’re all the same when you can’t do any of them. And by all means, teach me how to ride a bike. Or fly a wheelchair. I was just pointing out the very real potential for damage both to my person and your property - I was in no way suggesting that it wasn’t an awesome idea. Pepper hasn’t rubbed off on me that much.”

And with that she gave her boss a large grin and left to get coffee and marshmallows, returning a few minutes later with two steaming mugs - one significantly larger than the other - and a bag full of pink and white deliciousness.

"Coffee," she announced, handing him the bigger mug and settling back onto the desk, legs swinging.

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Damn time zones. It upsets the flow of a roleplay and makes ooc communication really difficult. 


Damn time zones. It upsets the flow of a roleplay and makes ooc communication really difficult. 

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Our muses can flirt, hell they can be friends with benefits. Shipping isn’t going to be forced.

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there’s a 100% chance that if i suddenly stop talking to you on skype, stop replying to our threads, stop tagging you in random posts and refrain from invading your ask or memes and random things i feel like i am smothering you and don’t want you to get sick of me.


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"When you put it like that, maybe I should surround myself with people that do stupid things regularly, it might take a lot of the blame on me, since it’s usually all ‘Tony the fire alarm is going off what did you do’, I mean, it’s just automatically my fault and that’s not fair, is it?”

At the response, Tony gives Seraphina a blank look, blinking slowly. “A ball rolls around the corner,” he says, in a completely deadpan voice, “and falls over.”

A smirk breaks out over his face, and he tilts his head at her. “How do you like it? I call it no-jokes, jokes that surprise thanks to their complete lack of punchline. No tomatoes is still horrible though, no offense. Yes, yes, brilliant idea, make me coffee. And bring some marshmallows along while you’re at it. You know, if you ever doo break a leg I can just put you in a flying wheelchair, then you could fly around and get me stuff, problem solved!”

"I have to say, that’s still one of the things I’m most enjoying about this job - people looking to you when the fire alarm goes off, not me. It’s refreshing. And good luck getting that idea past Pepper."

Seph raised an eyebrow at his ‘no-joke’, but she couldn’t help but smile at the way he told it. “Hey, I told you I was rubbish with jokes.”

She was already at the door when he Tony mentioned the flying wheelchair. The idea either sounded like the most incredible fun, or a very, very bad idea. Quite possibly both. “A flying wheelchair,” she repeated, leaning against the door frame. “With me piloting it. You do realise I can’t drive, yeah? I can’t even ride a bike.”

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Replace the vowels in your URL with “oodle” 

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